Connect to multiple services and optimize your online payments.

With one simple integration, easily connect with many different payment processors and anti-fraud tools.

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Developer centric

Perform a single easy integration with Tuna's open source payment gateway and access hundreds of payments processors and anti-fraud tools worldwide.

  • Easy to implement (minimum code required)
  • Adaptable to any language / environment
  • Open source
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Security and compliance

We use tokenization to protect sensitive customer data. Tuna is a PCI Level 1 Service Provider, the highest level of PCI DSS certification.

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Your Business, Your Flows

Create flows with your own strategy rules to maximize payment conversion rates and minimize fraud costs and fees. No code required :)

AB Experiments

Conduct A/B tests to continuously improve payment indicators and compare your results. Better understand your business and move faster with testing tools that provide autonomy to a payments team to conduct experiments without having to prioritize items on the IT roadmap.

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Customer Case

Tuna already processes 100% of online payments from Riachuelo, a giant Brazilian retail website

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